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July 15, 2016

wateraerobicsI feel like it has become a thing for me to say, “It has been forever since I posted.” Well, it has. It’s actually been two years, if you don’t count that I actually have been updating the “Studios” page. No one will read this, not even my mother who has been a die-hard Dharma Chameleon reader, so it doesn’t really matter.

Yesterday, intertwined with an attempt to find summer in the Bay Area, I found water yoga. I found a swim club called Sonoma Aquatic Club that boasts an olympic sized swimming pool, an indoor pool, a spa and the lovely fact that all of them are mineral fed. If you live in San Francisco, you sometimes have to go looking for summer, and all of those pools and the 90 degree heat of Sonoma sure sounded like summer to me. A little water and sun was all I was really looking for but I also found this yoga class and was delighted.

When I entered the indoor pool (90 degrees supposedly) I was greeted by several octogenarians and I knew I was in the right place. I wasn’t really sure how much different “water yoga” could be from “water aerobics” but I was happy to find out. I’ve never actually taken a water aerobics class, but I believe the main draw of it is that the lack of gravity makes physical exercise in pools worthwhile but much gentler on your joints. Especially if they are calcified, arthritic or inexplicably painful.

I was very pleased to find that the yoga teacher was not trying to adapt poses from regular asanas, but rather had a completely different repertoire. All of the stretching and much of the muscular engagement was achieved using the water, and sometimes, noodles. There was something called “running horse” in which you float(ish) and pull one knee into the abdomen at a time (hands free) and hover both feet off the pool bottom for a moment before placing one, then the other back down (think up, up, down, down.) One of the old ladies actually got a little bit of momentum and was headed directly for another senior citizen when she was called out for being a “little bit of a wild horsey.” I only want to take senior citizens’ fitness classes from now on.

As much as I like to kid that I’m so old, I know in reality that I’m really not, and that what is appropriate for an aging population might not really get the job done for a healthy 31-year-old woman, but like all “gentle” yoga classes, it is what you make of it. I maybe wasn’t getting a crazy cardiovascular work out (but most, if not all yoga, is not the best way to do that regardless) but I was focused, my muscles engaged and got a good stretch if not a bit of a work out. Also, it made me smile constantly which is priceless.  I’m definitely intrigued by water yoga, and next time I’m seeking summer I’ll be sure to get another dose.

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  1. mom permalink
    July 15, 2016 9:36 pm

    I did read it!! And mom-mom would be so jealous that you took the class without her!

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