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Shame Shame Shame

January 2, 2013

bad photoshopping

Many months ago I was sitting in a yoga studio and there was a pile of yoga magazines. (Who knew that there were other publications besides Yoga Journal?) I suspected as much, but I had never seen proof of their existence.  Well, I’m sorry to say that I found the non-Goliaths to be somewhat lacking. Ok, fair enough, I didn’t really READ any of the articles, but I’m more of the picture book sort anyway. Since I’m generally only looking at pictures, this horrendous little photoshop botch did not escape my eagle eyes.

If you’ll kindly direct your eyes to the leg in the foreground of the picture you will see that some careless photo magician shaved off this lady’s ass and leg. Good lord, she looks like a freak show! By comparison to the leg in the background, I can surely see that this grasshopper leg is not how God intended.  Was there some sort of unsightly bulge on this 100 lb individual that they couldn’t possibly publish? She’s contorted for chrissakes! There is bound to be some displaced flesh. Let sleeping dogs lie. I really want to say that this was an article about self esteem or something highly ironic like that but the reality of the situation is that I was incensed by this picture and meant to blog about it but lost my motivation. Now, many months later, I can’t properly shame whichever off-brand yoga publication did this, nor can I remember what the article was claiming these specific poses can do to improve your life.

I would like to gently remind the yoga community that yoga should be for every-body. There isn’t a specific way one should look to practice yoga…and therefore I can’t see any reason to get all photoshoppy about it.

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