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Growin’ Em Good

June 2, 2012

Here in foggy, foggy San Francisco, the yoga community seems to have placed a very firm emphasis on both rooting, and growth. That all seems very fitting, since I am laying roots in San Francisco to grow!

Today, I went to class at Yoga Garden and I have previously explored the offerings of Yoga Tree. I also know of another botanical yoga studio – Laughing Lotus, although the implications of personifying a plant is as of yet unknown to me.

I must say that I don’t really know too  much about the “buzz” around certain yoga studios here, and that I haven’t really checked out all that many of them as of yet, but Yoga Garden is nice. The space was purchased as a studio-cum-residence for the couple that owns Yoga Garden, although they have since shoved off to make more room for the extremely popular studio.

The line-up of teachers looks promising, especially the fact that there is a teacher who studied body-mind centering with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen (one of the teachers of a favorite teacher of mine, Rachel Lynch-John). And, even more interestingly, they seem to run a very egalitarian hiring process. I can apply to be a teacher there right on their website! Yippee! Once I feel energized enough I just might do that.

Yoga Garden, I think I just might grow with you…at least for the month I just purchased.

[image: Visit Philly/Longwood Gardens]

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