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Living the Life of a Yogi

May 22, 2012

I’ve noticed, obviously, many differences between San Francisco, California and New York, NY. There are, of course, many similarities. For instance, both New Yorkers and San Franciscans  LOVE yoga. The way they express their love, however, is distinct and separate.

New Yorker 1: Oh, yes! I LOVE YOGA. I go pretty much right after work every day when I get off at 7 because there is a studio right across from the office and there is a class at 7:30 and it just is very convenient because then I can go to the gym on my way home and I’ll be all set for the night.


New Yorker 2: I’ve been doing yoga since the 80s. I’ve practiced with all of the best teachers in the city. I can hold headstand for 25 minutes and I believe I’m very near to mastering levitation.

And now for my somewhat under-informed impression of Californians…

Californian 1: OH MY GOOOODDD. I’m so blissed out right now…[sigh] that was ah-MAZING. You are totally my new Guru.


Californian 2: I love yoga so much that I’m going to open (another) yoga retail boutique. Yippee! I can’t wait to order a wide selection of mala beads and lotus shaped gift items!

Ok, ok. Granted these are broad generalizations and I usually try to steer clear of any sweeping generalizations, but there is some truth in these assessments. New Yorkers in general are over achievers and yoga is just  one more thing to either schedule or conquer. Californians, by comparison, seem to be mellow and trying to be absorbed into yoga…as a life style. This necessitates, apparently, retail boutiques a plenty up dotting the towns up and down the west coast.

New Yorkers…go bendy or GO HOME.

Californians…yoga is totally sweet, brah.

[video: Lululemon for You Tube]
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