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A day full of revelations.

May 17, 2012

Today was a day for clarity via many revelations. I discovered today that the hills of San Francisco are unforgiving of newbie bikers…and my body is unforgiving of biking on hills. I also discovered that college is expensive, and that because of that, school will have to wait another year until I can get residency. After all of my early day revelations were out of the way, I decided to go check out the San Francisco yoga scene. More revelations!

Today’s conquest was Yoga Tree (Stanyan). The studio was a nice one room studio with an inviting lobby and friendly staff members (the girl at the front desk even unknowingly tapped into my love of dance and introduced me to a center in the Mission..woo!). In true New Yorker form, I arrived to class 30 minutes early for fear of being shut out, so while I was waiting I had ample time to assess my new surroundings (and have revelations.


1. MEN DO YOGA. The class I was in was almost split equally down the middle between men and women. I would love to discover why yoga is so much more socially acceptable and appealing to west coast men. I am wondering if it has to do with distance from the founding fathers and California being all rogue and experimental. I mean, I guess if life in California “begins” with covered wagons and starving on the Oregon trail your eyes are just open to a lot more stuff. I mean, you’ve already proven you’ve got the cojones…so you’re now free to do yoga.  (I am fully aware that this theory needs a lot of proving.)

2. WOMEN WEAR REGULAR CLOTHES. There was a storage company in New York that had lots of clever advertisement and before I left I noticed one that said something to the effect of  “New Yorkers don’t make more money than anyone else, we just dress like it.” As I observed the women file into class their most stunning accessories were not from Lululemon, but their ability to SMILE. No more stressed NYC yoga studio competition face…well, this is my first studio experience…so maybe I won’t count my chickens before they hatch.

3.  PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY RELAXED. When harder options were offered in the class that I was taking, it seemed like no one around me was remotely interested in pushing themselves t0 their limits. I tried one thing that I probably shouldn’t have  been doing in my completely out of shape state, but even Her Royal New Yorkness backed off. Yoga isn’t about weight loss or physical fitness per se…

All in all I think my day was pretty successful. I learned a lot, and as they say, “Knowledge is power.”

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  1. May 17, 2012 3:25 am

    1. I love Yoga Tree in SF. It’s a great studio. I always went to the one on Hayes.

    2. Men DO do yoga. In Cali and Bali apparently. Was in a class yesterday where two guys blew me away with their mega abilities.

    3. Californians are more chilled out than New Yorkers, fact.

    Enjoy it!

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