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Greetings, from San Francisco.

May 13, 2012

Hello all from the sunny/foggy land of San Francisco, California. This is my new home. I’m mostly unpacked at this point and the move went smoothly…but now I just need to figure out what goes where! Also, where do I go (specifically for yoga)?

I have no idea at present…except for one clue: Yoga Tree.  The tab on my browser says “Best Yoga Class San Francisco.” This is either pompous or it is a good omen. So far the reviews I’ve gotten from a family friend and some random chick with a yoga mat that lives in my building are very good. Apparently it has many different styles, but they are spread across the six city-wide studios. On a glance, I don’t recognize any of the names of the teachers but the list is exhaustive…so I have a great deal of recon to do. Actually, there is one teacher that was recommended to me by an OM Yoga head that I used to work with. I will be sure to check out Margi Young’s class and report back. She is a fellow escapee from New York.

Anyhow, my little dumplings, I have returned to you. I plan on a robust posting schedule to satisfy all of your nasty little Dharma Chameleon cravings.  We’re going to get deep into the San Francisco yoga scene! Time to do it all again! Oh, how deliciously exciting for all of us.

[image: Our Town]

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