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A gold star for me…

April 26, 2012

Last night I was feverishly working on The Studios  and I think it is safe to say that I’m DONE. It might get edited by location so that it is clear which studios are where, but the list is compiled and it is public!

I had been making claims that I had visited 60 ish studios in NYC. As far as I can tell I was lying through my teeth. It seems that in total I have visited 55 different studios since the birth of the Dharma Chameleon. Three studios were in Naples, Florida. Three studios are in Delaware. Two “studios” are actually Ashrams; one in upstate NY and one in Grass Valley, CA. It would seem then, dear DC readers, that I have visited 47 studios in the NYC area. Not a bad dent…but I bet there are another 50 I could have visited.

It is doubtful that I will get to any new studios before I leave BUT I almost put the following studios on my studios page because for one reason or another I have been recommending them even though I have never been.

Kula Yoga –  A spot in tribeca that has garnered a lot of attention. The studio director/owner, Schuyler Grant, is the co-creator of the Wanderlust festival and is a teacher of some fanfare. She has done a good job snapping up a lot of teachers with buzz around their names. I have received recommendations for this studio several times from other yoga teachers. Also, I was asked once for a recommendation of a yoga studio in Tribeca. I really just don’t know of any there…so I recommended Kula. They also recently opened a Williamsburg Location.

Vira Yoga –This studio is located in Soho and is operated by Elena Brower. I ALMOST practiced with Elena Brower at some huge thing in Central Park that got canceled because of some looming ominous storm. She seems to be a big deal and people seem to love her. I think I would have like to try her studio out.

Yoga Union Center for Back Care –  Looking at their website right now I don’t know why I wanted to try it out. Regardless of my back (being fine more or less) I think their focus is pretty interesting. Originally when Yoga Union opened up I think it was a normal yoga studio. I believe Steven Cheng was teaching there but then I guess they decided to narrow their scope. Honestly, in NYC the yoga scene is over saturated, so choosing a “specialization” will separate them from the masses. After it became a place for spinal health I heard rumors they were trying to recruit Rachel Lynch-John. So, I guess there are some interesting things going on there.

I think we know that I would do yoga anywhereand there are a lot of places to do yoga in NYC but the ones above struck me as meaningful to try, so I leave them here for you all. I will live vicariously through you.

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