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I love me

April 23, 2012

Greetings, world, from the land of unemployment which I am currently inhabiting. You know why I’m unemployed? Because I’m too awesome for a job. Do you see that picture of me right here? Unbelievably awesome…and also, I think I’m gorgeous.  I sleep with a mirror under my pillow and awaken at regular intervals to gaze at myself. I call this dreaming.

Today, I found an article from a while back in the NYTimes. God, they are as obsessed with yoga as I am with myself. The “room for debate” topic is “Is Yoga for Narcissists?” Well, it seems like most of the debaters don’t seem to think that yoga is purely a narcissist’s activity…but what do you think? I can vouch for having met with many a moment of narcissism…and I know plenty of narcissists who practice yoga but I’m not sure I can say that yoga is for narcissists. I actually stopped doing ashtanga because I felt it was feeding narcissistic tendencies. The same can be said for Bikram, where all of the studios are required to have mirrors like a dance studio. I spent many hours gazing at my toned, awesome, sexy, sweaty body in those mirrors. (oh, god, i can’t even keep up with this narcissism joke…)

Does everyone know the story of Narcissus? I don’t remember it exactly but there was a young man who was quite enamored with himself and took to gazing into his reflection in pools. Then eventually, his punishment was being turned into a flower. This flower is commonly known as the Daffodil…but the latin name for the genus is Narcissus.

Whether yoga is or is not for narcissists, I think that we should definitely take all manners of seeing our reflection out of yoga studios. I don’t know about you, but I’m not trying to be turned into a flower. I’m already beautiful and sweet smelling enough, thank you very much.

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