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Sex sells

April 19, 2012

I’m not criticizing the girl in this video…obviously her postural practice is gorgeous but COME ON!

A) she is in lacey underwear.

B) there is a gently mussed bed in the background.

C) that apartment is hot. (even equinox yoga teachers aren’t making that kind of money, so I’m guessing it is a set.)

D) is there a dude sleeping in the bed in the background?

I’m not trying to hate. Ok, I am, but again this isn’t directed at the person in the video. Equinox, why? What of this is yoga at all? She does seem to be flowing with the breath but this is a mostly naked acrobatics show in a sweet apartment with a view. PUH-LEASE. Yoga sells itself…sex sells itself. Let’s not mix the two up. I like yoga and I like sex, but clearly the makers of this video are missing that yoga is to still the fluctuations of the mind so that you can be liberated…sex is the antithesis. It’s a stirring!

[video: Equinox via Youtube]

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