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Completely complete.

April 18, 2012

When I got my first home practice, I was a bit of a mess and confessed to my teacher that I may or may not be trying to fill some hole in my life with too many activities. Despite running myself ragged, at the end of the day I felt empty. Tired, but pretty empty.

Along with many things, I was given this chant: Purnamadah/Purnamidam/ Purnat/ Purnamudacyat/ Purnasya/ Purnamadaya/ Purnameva vasishyate

Literally it means: Purnamadah – this is complete, Purnamidam- that is complete,  Purnat purnamudacyat – from that completeness comes this completeness,  Purnasay purnamadaya- if we take this completeness from that completeness,  purnameva vasicyat – only completeness remains

At first, my mind was obviously boggled by how many times the word complete occurs in different forms. Then, gradually it settled on me. I AM COMPLETE!  Cheesy as it may sound, my teacher and the chant were encouraging me to look within. Art classes, yoga certifications, blogs, jobs, socialization…friends, families and even lovers do not make you complete. You’re already complete…whatever that means. All along I thought that the goal was to make my schedule completely full, which it was.

I’ve since moved on from this beautiful practice with good results (although vestiges of this chant remain in my daily practice still) but when I graduated from my 500 hr teacher training I received this chant again as a send off. A little reminder perhaps? Regardless, a beautiful chant.

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