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April 15, 2012

Well, it has finally been done. I now have the obligatory handstand on the beach photo required of all good yoga teachers. And it looks fairly good no? Ok, so forget the fact that it took something of a skilled photographer to actually catch me in the pose as I could hold it for about only 2 seconds…just look at that form. Pretty nice, eh?

At the inception of Dharma Chameleon, Jenn and I thought it would be very natural to have a section called “Marla will do yoga anywhere.” At that time, I pretty much was doing yoga at all friendly gatherings…usually the frequency and difficulty of the pose I was attempting would correlate directly with how much I been drinking. There was also the occasional photo op that I would embellish with a surprise yoga pose. For some reason, this brilliant post category never really matured…but I think I’ll give it another try, beginning with this entry.

Have you ever noticed that people love to be photographed doing yoga in some exotic locale? Even though people are usually doing yoga asana in a dimly lit, cramped studio somewhere, the general consensus is that yoga should be done in a dazzling utopia. Pretty much every yoga contact of mine has a picture of them tearing up either handstand or some warrior pose in front of the ocean. Charming…but it is beginning to look like stock photography.

In any event, I’m not really an exception and here is the proof. This weekend I spent two beautiful, semi-sun filled days with my ladies and my brother. My friend and I attempted ill fated run (from which I am still recovering) and at the end I decided to try my hand a some beach yoga.

You like? Marla will do yoga anywhere.

[image: Karolina Dmowska]

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