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Hot For Teacher

April 4, 2012

In my days as a student I could never help but crush on my teachers. Sometimes it would be an “academic-nerd attack” friend crush and sometimes it would be a “you’re dead sexy and I want you to teach me more than is in the books” kind of crush. Either way, once I was on the other side of the line as a teacher I found myself getting very excited for the possibility that I’d be turning down advances of all kinds from my students. Most disappointingly this is untrue, but it makes me feel a bit for John Friend of Anusara Yoga.

John Friend, the much lauded founder of Anusara Yoga, recently found himself in a wee bit of a pickle. This pickle may or may not have had to do with his own pickle.  See, apparently he was diddling a few of his students and the whole yoga community is all in an uproar. (yes, I know this is somewhat old news, but the Dharma Chameleon has been slow lately! lay off!) All of the sudden everyone who knows any history of yoga in the West is having a(n) (acid) flashback to the 60s when the famous and charismatic gurus were mind fucking their students and then, well, er, you know…

Anywho, I don’t feel anything in particular about this whole scandal because I think that most yoga is terribly commercial. I will acknowledge, however, that the Anusara brand was a particularly touchy feely/get into your feelings and happy place sort of yoga so perhaps this was something deeper for some people. In any case, I wasn’t the least be surprised that this happened even though there is a well known code of ethics for all teachers of any kind. I noticed this in the news and shrugged it off, but there was a teacher of mine, Chase Bosart, tweeted a link to a very interesting article being run by the Huffington Post. The author is Philip Goldberg, an interfaith minister and it is very much worth a read. Sure John Friend could have used better judgment, but the people most culpable in the whole scenario are the married women who are committing adultry. Free John Friend!

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