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Cookies for Creepers

April 3, 2012

I don’t consider myself to be completely technologically illiterate…I know what the internets all about. I know that a “blog” stands for “web log,” right? Hells yeah. I also know that cookies are those weird tracker animals employed by websites to help pinpoint you as a consumer. Oh, consumer capture strategies! Woe be the world that you prey on!

That said, what do your FACEBOOK ads say about you? Well, I talk about yoga on and off the internet a whole bunch and use Facebook to air all of Dharma Chameleon’s new posts so it seems like the FB has been so sly as to realize I like-a the yog-a. Apparently, I also like Questlove,  guac and ballet flats. I will say that I do like Questlove and I don’t dislike ballet flats or gaucamole…but I also don’t pine away for either one of them.

Seriously though, WTF is YogaGlo? Well, at a brief glance it looks like something I should have come up with myself and been making the big bucks from. Alas, my only yoga to internet presence is the ever-alluring DHARMA CHAMELEON which, sadly, makes me zero dollars (although I’ll willingly accept donations). Oh no! Crap! I decided to take the video tour and now I’m wondering if Facebook was right. Do I need to sign up for YogaGlo? James Brown is a guest teacher! God Gawd! Mercy!

Anyway, I’ve gotta roll out because I’m either going to buy a YogaGlo subscription or tickets to see Questlove at BAM.

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