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April 1, 2012


Greetings from the rock under which I have been hiding for many, many moons. I really used to love writing as the Dharma Chameleon and I guess when I crawled under that rock to hide/die I must have been confusing my lizards. Chameleons are definitely not rock creatures…unless you’re talking about, “hey, Dharma Chameleon rocks.” In which case, I would have to agree.

I have a miraculous revival plan for DH, and here it is: 30 days of uninterrupted posting. It is April 1, and I plan to post DAILY through April 30. At my best I would only post once or twice a week, so this should be a true feat…and hopefully I have enough topics to cover that amount of time. I’ve never really been one for a shortage of words though, so probably nothing to fret over.

During this quest, please try not to remember other failed “30 day” challenges on which I’ve embarked. My brother likes to remind me  of the pledge to run daily for 30 days, which after 7 days of pain and whining, ended abruptly. Not to worry DHers, I have finished numerous month (+) long challenges. There was that  Bikram obsessed time where I did a 30-day challenge…and the great fast/cleanse of last April. Looks like April/Spring is a time for renewal…so I’m renewing my commitment to the Dharma Chameleon. Sit tight ladies and gents.

[Image: Chi Wulff]

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