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Guess who?

March 30, 2011

Your best guess is as good as mine…

As I swirl deeper and deeper down the yoga funnel, I find myself considering things like yoga vacations, retreats and yoga-music hybrid fests… and say to myself, this is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife and I ask myself, HOW DID I GET HERE? Ok, well maybe David Byrne of the Talking Heads said that and maybe I don’t have a house or a wife to consider, but along with my consideration of these events I find myself considering who makes these events happen.  Automatically I am in awe of the personage behind each and every one of these events, or at least the ones they put in the spotlight. I figure that if people are paying hundreds of dollars to bliss out at Wanderlust then the people featured as teachers or speakers must be pretty amazing…but what is it that makes them so?

My teacher is thoroughly amazing. I’ve never seen a practice like hers in my entire life, and she is so without ego that anyone would be beyond privileged to learn from her…and yet, I do not see her name on the docket of these major festivals and conferences. It’s not that she’s inexperienced either – she’s been teaching for 20 some years and in New York, no less. So how does one get on the list of all-important yoga teachers? Where is that line drawn in the sand and how do I get on the side that teaches yoga classes to the masses from a stage with a headset? (Here is where my teacher would probably cringe, and I sigh with relief that I never gave her my blog’s URL)

Included on the short list of yoga teachers invited to speak at conferences and festivals are David Life, Sharon Gannon, David Swenson, Dharma Mittra, Alan Finger, Seane Corn, Jason Crandel, Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste. I had heard of most of these people before seeing their names listed as presenters. Baron Baptiste is responsible for his own brand of yoga, Rodney Yee has some DVDs that do very well and David Life, Sharon Gannon, Dharma Mittra, as well as Alan Finger are all NYC yoga scene fixtures. I’ve practiced extensively at Dharma’s studio and have spent time at both Jivamukti (Life and Gannon’s home) and ISHTA (Finger).  Also, all of these people have been prevalent on the scene since the 70’s and 80’s. That’s a long time. The people I’m interested in are the ones that are like 35 – 40, and what has made them so wildly successful in such a relatively short time that people want to see them speak?

Burning, burning questions. I sense a research series coming on. First victim: Seane Corn.

[image via: stay on fountain ave]

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