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Festivus for the rest of us…

March 29, 2011

Sometimes as a SWF (single white female) living an indulgent NY lifestyle it is hard to plan vacations. The job so generously presents us with 16 days of paid time off, and what am I to do? There are only so many people I want to visit, and only so many of them could bear me for more than 2-3 of my valuable 16 PTO days.  Also, you must consider that visiting someone either means they are really cool, or they live somewhere really cool and these are pretty limiting circumstances.

My mind, however, always half pondering something in the realm of yoga, recently lighted on the prospect of yoga tourism. A novel idea, I thought, because yoga has a great tendency to be introspective and reflective. A-ha! Something one could do alone. We’ve all seen Julia Roberts tackle meditation at an ashram –sheeeit, if she can do it, I can.

Yoga is a journey and, now apparently, a destination vacation. I could go to the Bahamas or I could go the mountains…a retreat center that is glitzy or stay in a tent. These options were not really a surprise to me, but really what struck me as novel was the growing number of yoga/music festivals out there. Obviously, there is some strong correlation between liking music and liking yoga. I happen to like both.

The most obvious yoga/music event is Wanderlust. I imagine at one point there was a sole festival, but it has blossomed in recent years to include three festive locations!  Depending on your personal inclinations you can jet set to Miami, Tahoe or Vermont. (The one in Miami is at the Standard…um?) I’d love to know the story of how Wanderlust developed, but the site is too hard to navigate and is yielding unto me no easy answers. I do see, however, that there are 19,000 some people that “like” the event on facebook. This makes me think that if I went this event I would need to bring my xanax.  But still…I’m curious.

Aside from Wanderlust, there are several “lesser” festivals: Telluride Yoga Festival, Flagstaff Yoga Festival, Bhakti Fest, Evolve Music and Yoga, and the Ojai Yoga Crib.  I have to say that living in New York,  one of the most proliferant yoga communities in the west  (in my opinion), I have maybe only heard gentle whispers of the existence of any of these festivals. I was actually surprised/amused to find that they all have functional and up to date (for the most part) websites, and full line-ups  of interesting yoga people. Telluride will even feature some people that call themselves yoga slackers (presumably because of something called slack line yoga that I haven’t ever heard of.) All said though, I should probably get myself to one of these events this year…the Evolve festival is in the JERZ so, I could pretty easily swing that one.

Nothing like yoga, music and New Jersey to help one find their inner selves.

[image via: some Sony Ad]

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