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Wishes: Yoga + Hangover = Harmony

January 3, 2011

I love love love how much the NY Times has to say on yoga. Pretty much any time I’m a little bit hard up for postable material I can turn to the NY Times and successfully glean a post  from their hard work. Sometimes, though, it is clear to me that these people are merely writers…and not some sort of writer-yogi hybrid. Either that or they clearly didn’t irresponsibly demolish a 5th of bourbon this NYE.

I didn’t really read through this article very thoroughly, but I  can see the big picture. All of the arguments that people use to prove that yoga is a great way to improve your health get tossed in here as the panacea for the common hang over. That’s all right and good, and theoretically it probably is true. Practically speaking, however,  I’d love to see these people take a full twist with a churning stomach full of nausea. I’d love to say that you could stand on your throbbing head – but it just ain’t so!

I suppose that sivasana is a very worthwhile yogic practice they day after overdoing it with the booze. Yes, I’ll say that I did sivasana practically the entire first day of the new year. I won’t say it necessarily made me feel better, but conversely being vertical felt like a death sentence.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure I may have done a small yogic routine on NYE itself. As I stumbled in to the apartment, completely belligerent and sure I was about to pay homage at the alter of the porcelain god I daintily deposited myself in a perfect virasana at the base of the commode. I held this pose until I went in a restorative tortoise pose, luxuriating in the feeling of the cold tiles on my forehead. When the spinning refused to cease, I resorted to ujjayi breathing to calm the turbulent seas of my stomach.

When I woke up with all the lights on, beside my covers and not under them, in bicycle shorts and not pajamas and with a crick in my neck from sleeping at the base of three ornamental pillows at a precarious and decidedly uncomfortable angle the last thing I was thinking of was an asana practice.  In fact, I’m still so addled from my particular hang over that I didn’t even read that NY Times article. It could be taking the same stance as I am for all I know.

Anyway, Happy New Year…and please, remember to enjoy responsibly.

[Image via: Motifake]

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  1. mamma permalink
    January 4, 2011 8:41 pm

    Wow, that must have been some hangover!!!

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