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The man who said “bullshit.”

December 16, 2010

This man said bullshit tonight. Not once, but many times.  Does it make me a bad person if I chose to make him my hero because he said bullshit several times while talking about yoga? I bet he might even like Dharma Chameleon.

Recently I’ve been struggling with the question of what do I need to be to live in yoga? Well, tonight it was answered thanks to Dr. Kausthub Desikachar. Nothing but me.

According to Kausthub yogis are real people and perhaps all the more yogis because of their humanity, and their normalcy.


You want to be a vegan? Super. Wear fancy yoga gear from Lulu Lemon? Knock yourself out. Hug some trees? Go right ahead. Hold animal rights above that of humans? Er, well, sure.  What does Kausthub say? That’s all fine, just don’t wear a badge. Brilliant. To paraphrase: So you don’t eat meat? What do you want? An organic-gluten-free-cruelty-free-vegan cookie?

I know he’s not giving license to be all wild, but it is just nice to hear once in a while that while we’re all striving to be these yogis that is still ok to just be us, and just be human. Perfect, well, perfection is an illusion and of course: bullshit.

[Image via: LA Yoga]

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