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Thanks for the major “huh” factor, Tara Stiles.

September 8, 2010

At work there are a couple of girls who are obsessed with Women’s Health Magazine to the point that they laud it above that of other lady fit mags. It was because of them that I even encountered my new favorite vehicle for selling vehicles. Yoga.

They say don’t hate the playa, hate the game and I agree. I’ve met Tara Stiles and she is totally  personable, approachable and a lovely human being. She is also the luckiest mofo around. So, so, so many very respectable yogis would very much love to revel in the fruits of yoga 24-7. It doesn’t seem to be  very common that yoga instructors make a decent living let alone make out like a bandit, and trust me, I spend a lot of time in yoga studios.

I can be pretty naive some times so here I am, quite a few months ago, walking into her studio, Strala Yoga, and talking a hard line about my dinky little insignificant blog. She was pretty humble and also talked about her blog, and her column for Women’s Health and her up and coming book of the same publisher. Well, bust my buttons. I guess I didn’t really think it to be a big deal at the moment because WTF is Women’s Health magazine? Clearly, not something I find myself reading. Ever. I think basically it is because I don’t want people telling me what to eat and I don’t need any “new authorities” on exercise giving me their half cracked way of doing something people have been doing forever. Hello people, they are called squats, as they always have been. And yes, they tone your gluteal muscles.

So anyway, here I am at work, looking at the ads in this magazine, because that is generally all that I have the patience for in glossies these days and there she is. She’s not advertising for lululemon, nor for Giam or any other logical product that you might want a famous yogini to push on the eagerly consumptive population,  but cars. Maybe I’m just impoverished, but are cars even necessary in New York? Does Tara Stiles have a car? Also, can someone please tell me what in god’s name yoga has to do with cars?

I understand clever advertising campaigns and what not but what genius thought “hey, if we redesign the body of this here nissan aut-o-mobile then that is sort of like losing weight for bikini season?” I want to meet this advertising prodigy, really. There is such a thing as “a stretch,” and this my friends just may be it. Haha, yoga pun.

Ok, ok. Call me a hater. Assume that I’m only posting because I’m jealous that Nissan didn’t ask my schlubby self to model for their fancy new body types. You’re right, all of you! I do wish I had the life of the illustrious Tara Stiles: blogs, books, magazine columns, modeling…the whole shebang. But if I may take one final sip of that  blessed hatorade, I’m just not sure that this is the right image for yoga. Also, it perpetuates the stereotype of the skinny yogi. This isn’t your Indian great grand pappy’s yoga any more. Some of us have to eat and still enjoy yoga.

[Image via: Elephant, and Nissan]

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  1. Tina Thornes permalink
    September 22, 2010 8:02 am

    “hatorade” I think you should bottle and patent it!

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