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More IPHONE fun!

July 13, 2010

Early on in Dharma Chameleon history Jenn  had brought the existence of this app to my attention when I was already claiming I was the Zagat’s of yoga to NYC.

While I may still be able to claim the Zagat’s title (questionable), it would seem like Yoga Local is the perfect modern companion for me and Iphone carriers that want to stalk all of the yoga studios in New York City.

In line for the Yoga at the Great Lawn event there were all manner of opportunists (how is that possible at a yoga event?) scouting the line for, um, opportunities to pitch or sell something. While I was patiently waiting my friends and I were approached by a gentleman peddling postcard sized fliers for this app and I was reminded of the fact that early on in my Dharma Chameleon career I had been vexed by this app’s mere existence and for beating me to the punch on spreading the word about every single studio in the city. When the dude handed me the postcard I told him that he had stolen my idea. He was pretty surprised at my boldness, but I quickly  elaborated by telling  him that I actually have no computer skills at all. I then asked his name (it’s Ben) and told him we should collaborate. He told me to email him. I never did…but maybe tonight.

10,000 people in the park carrying smart phones does not easily facilitate downloading apps to the phone, so a few days later I secured Yoga Local for my trusty Iphone. I’ve only used it a few times but I already happily find it far more complete than typing “yoga” into google maps…which was my old standby. Using it in midtown east reminded me of my old desire to get brain washed in Dahn yoga. Those studios never came up in my searches during mid-day-work-boredom, but thanks to Yoga Local I now know that there are two convenient locations to get my brainwashing fix after work.

The most useful feature for me of Yoga Local is going to be the proximity/map feature and schedule…but I do find the  “news” and “spark” feature to be delightful. While the “news” is straightforward, the “spark” feature is unique to the application and highlights major yoga practitioners and teachers. GREAT! I already pride myself on knowing  all of the major players in the scene, this will provide me a check list, and some much needed blogging inspiration.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m psyched for what Yoga Local will bring to my life, but it wouldn’t be a complete review if I didn’t highlight some possible drawbacks. 1) They did not include Dharma Yoga Brooklyn. While Yoga Sutra is my official home right now, DYB is my home away from home. They’re not even that new anymore. Believe you me, I’ve already put in my FYI email to Yoga Local. 2) I’m not sure I trust the schedule feature. I have yet to prove my suspicions to be valid, but I looked at some major studios and it looked like they only had one evening class. I find that hard to believe.  If you’re thinking of going to a class and you’ve pulled the schedule from Yoga Local, it may not hurt to double check yourself.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this one further reminder that the iphone is very much not a phone at all but tool of a mass yoga take over! Marla + Yoga Local = unstoppable. Mr. Ben Yoga Local Guy, you can expect an email shortly. Probably with a link to this web site. XOXO

[Image via: Yoga Local]

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  1. August 6, 2010 7:07 am

    dear marla, i can’t find another way to reach/contact you via your blog… so here it is. Please join me at Reflections yoga on Saturdays, 5:15-6:30pm for Alignment Flow. Keep in touch. Good luck with your training!
    t’ai jamar

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