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On the Grass…

July 1, 2010

Today I’m very thankful for two things: mainly that I was nearly unscathed after completely eating it and going over my handle bars, and secondly that I have created an entire email address just for the purpose of receiving emails from nearly every studio in New York. Without such emails I would have completely missed out on such gems as I found tonight. What, you may ask, is it? Just Bend & Bloom’s new partnership with lulu lemon atheltica to bring us just a little more park yoga!

I try to never miss something new and exciting in the New York yoga scene, and also to never miss an opportunity to practice yoga out of doors.

Today was the second yoga class in Prospect Park led by teachers from Park Slope’s own Bend & Bloom  and assisted by employees of the lulu lemon’s Brooklyn outfit. Following today there will be classes every first Thursday and third sunday of the month, or more easily put: Sunday July 18, Thursday August 5, Sunday August 15, Thursday September 2, and Sunday September 9. All classes take place on the Long Meadow by the Grand Army Plaza entrance of the Park…but it’s hard to miss because of the large grouping of yogis unrolling mats together on the grass.

The class today was well attended – maybe between 60 and 90 people…but who’s counting! Like Yoga on the Great Lawn, I was really feeling the energy of the assembly. The class was suitable for everyone that wasn’t an absolute beginner, according to Bend & Bloom, but that didn’t seem to stop a few people who had never done yoga before from coming. I’m glad actually that the class wasn’t too challenging, because as I had mentioned a previous bike accident had rendered my toe swollen and stiff, and my knees battered and bruised. Even down-dog required some degree of creativity.

I would recommend that if you’re into yoga and in Brooklyn to do this…it’s just lovely to feel the warm heavy breeze blow over you and hear the sounds of nature (as much as is possible in NYC) coupled with the muted sounds of people really enjoying themselves in the outdoors. It is really somewhat of an ideal situation to practice yoga. I don’t recommend, however, putting your mat on a slight incline…that did complicate balancing poses.  You really might come to find yourself missing that unforgiving hardwood flooring of a standard studio. Also, if you can, try to stick to the center of the pack. All those breezes and ambient  noises make it hard to hear the instruction. If you have the gift of sight, which I can’t really claim, then there is someone demonstrating at the head of the group…but again, that’s tough if  you’re visually impaired like me.  Us myopics, well, we’re just up shit creek without a paddle.

[Image via: Penguinatrix]

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