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Rained out. Boo.

June 24, 2010

Now that a few days have passed and my emotional wounds have begun the healing process,  I can discuss Yoga at the Great Lawn hosted by Flavorpill.

Gates were to open at 5:30 for the event and my friend Irwing and I arrived somewhat after 6 to find the hugest line snaking throughout the park away from the lawn. Immediately,  I knew my printed ticket didn’t mean jack and I set myself up to meet a the possible disappointment of not getting in at all. My fears, however were quickly pacified by the joy swelling in my chest as I saw all of the loyal yogis coming out on a day that was less than nice, weather wise, to be a part of this event! It also did not hurt that even though the line was long when we got there we ended up not being the end of the line…by far…like…5,000 people far.

As we neared the great lawn, my two-some had become a three some and my friends old and new rejoiced at the sight of tons of unopened boxes, presumably filled with free mats! Other than “free stuff” that meant that we were definitely going to get to practice amidst 10,000 of our yoga  peers! Also, there was vegan chocolate cake…and it was banging…and I just (two days later) discovered the other half and am eating it right now.

Getting on the the great lawn was clearly overwhelming to me and my new friend. We were overjoyed and so excited. Giddy – like kids on a candy high. There on that lawn, in the middle of the craziest city in the world, had assembled 10,000 people of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors and creeds to practice yoga. I think the UN should host yoga events all over the world…peace building, ya know. Don’t drop bombs, drop bhujangasana.

After getting our parking spots we had a little bit of time to marinate and stretch out…this was about the time that the already grey sky began to blacken over and thicken. ReggieWatts was just starting to heat things up when it became quite apparent that the weather was making a decisive move towards cooling things down. As he finished his set, Elena Brower, who was to be our fearless leader made the inevitable announcement that none were to meet their untimely end by lightning because there would be no yoga on the lawn that night. Downer.

They weren’t going to let us go home totally bummed though. Some official so-and-so gave the go ahead for a long continuous OM and a single spin through a sun salutation. Truthfully, I was thankful for something and I cheesily believed that the power of our OM was driving away the storm clouds. I really thought that the rain was letting up and that we’d continue on through class. But, alas, I was wrong. At the end of one joyous sun (rain) salute we were asked to depart from the lawn with the promise of a rain date.

Sadly, the event got poured on and instead I went out for Indian food. There were, however, quite a few rose-tinted aspects of the afternoon: 1) the lead up was pretty fun even if the practice didn’t go through, 2) I made a new friend! 3) I got to see a few old friends 4) I went to Central Park, which I never do, 5) I got to eat Indian food! 6) I pretty much get to do this 1.5 times because they’re going to do this again sometime in early September and I’ll be damned if I’m not there when it actually goes down!

[ Image via: Huffington Post]

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