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It’s for cosmetic reasons.

June 2, 2010

 At 25 years of age one might think that the mortification of acne would be behind them…but in my case, at least, that is not correct. *Sigh*

Granted, there are some things that don’t help my case. There is the ever raging hormones problem, and the stagnant city air. There are the copious drinking habits, erratic sleep patterns and unpredictable schedules…

I have, however, also wondered if putting my face on rental mats is not also at least partly to blame.  Far be it from me to hate on the beloved rental mat as it is SO convenient in a city where I’m pretty  much a bag lady already, but there are all sorts of unconscionable things that go on on those bad boys.  Most obviously, many feet, of many many people go all over them. It is also summer which means that the fine yogi population is practically walking around on their sweaty little bare feetsies.  Then, equally vile is the accumulation of buckets of toxin sweats. Ugh.

As with most other gross germ things, I banish these thoughts from my head because you then run the risk of going insane in a city as filthy as NYC. I would really like to not look like I’m constantly pubescent though. So, I think, ok, suck it up…buy a mat, and carry it. Which I did. But this can’t be the only solution. What if there were a yoga mask?

What would such a thing even look like? I had immediately pictured a hangman’s mask. In discussing this with a friend, I discovered she had been picturing something a little more heavy duty…like an armored mask. Think King Arthur’s court. Or chain mail. I tend to think that this would not help the acne issue, because it doesn’t breathe well. I would construct a mask out of clean, light, organic cotton. Maybe like a fine muslin…summer weight even.

Yoga gloves, already invented. Grippy socks…done. Skidless towels? Yep, those too. The yoga mask? Hands off. That one’s mine.

“Are you plagued by adult acne born of your rented yoga mat? Now you can put your best face forward with DharMasks. Now available in a variety of fun colors!”

[Image via:  Someone’s flicker account]

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