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They all come sooner or later.

April 15, 2010

Although I’m sure that the new Dharma Yoga Brooklyn studio preceded the outrageous article recently found in the Times awarding Park  Slope the title of most desirable neighborhood in the 5 boroughs, I bet they knew it was coming.

In any case, they all come sooner or later…running to Brooklyn. Eat that Isle of Manahatta. We’ve got Dharma now, we’re almost complete. (Not to mention that we’ve got the rascally dharmachameleon, too)

Welcome, Dharma, to the fine borough of Brooklyn and the lovely and desirable ‘hood of Pslopes. Glad to have you.

While I most certainly enjoyed every class I took at the Dharma Mittra flagship location at 3rd and 23rd in Manhattan, there was something very enticing about this new Brooklyn spot. I don’t want to sound vain but I think it was that I couldn’t really hang with the Dharmites at the main location. They were SERIOUS, and at that point in my practice I couldn’t even bust a head stand let alone all that other biz.

The new studio, located on 6th Ave and St. Marks is taught by more or less the same crew, but they’ve been forced (by much less serious practitioners) to take it down a notch. It seemed to me, on the sunny Saturday morning that I went, that the base of the yogis visiting the studio were even much less serious than I was. That said, it was a very relaxed and community-like vibe. It was also packed, but still small enough that the attention was still individualized to some point. I would say that the little stain-glassed-windowed corner spot maxes out at 22 people — and that is a generous estimate.

Behold Brooklyn, if you wait long enough, all of the good things will just migrate across the East River.

[Image via: Samadhi]

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