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More time for headstands!

April 12, 2010

STOP! Collaborate and listen…Cheng is back with a brand new edition! (sing to the tune of Ice, Ice Baby)

Ladies and gents, it’s the truth: There is a new opportunity for you to spend 3 hours doing yoga. Instructor Steven Cheng is back, and badder than ever with his new 3-hour yoga class at Earth Yoga NYC.

If you thought that 3 hours of yoga was sweaty before, just you wait. The new (and improved?) 3 hour yoga class will be heated to 85 degrees. That said, don’t forget to bring a towel along with your bag of goodies to mop up your sweat puddles and dab yourself as you “mist” for 180 minutes straight.

This great new opportunity drops April 17, 2010: 2 pm – 5 pm. For only $10/hr/person you can build strength, flexibility and really get to focus on all of those poses you’re looking to improve like headstands of all shapes and sizes!

See the world from a new perspective, for 3 hours.

[Image via: Rainvine]

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