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There’s an app for that.

April 5, 2010
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 Although as of recent I’ve been feeling like a bad yogi, I’ve always been a bad iphone owner. For starters, I lost that sucker 5 months in. That SUCKS because as all iphone owners well know there is no insurance. Secondly, now that I’ve recovered it (purchased an exorbitantly expensive replacement), I have nearly no apps, even though reportedly there is one for everything.

Upon inspection I found that yoga and yoga related apps are bountiful indeed. Since I’ve got to draw the line somewhere, I’ll focus at this time only on the apps for your yoga practice (this will exclude locators, and meditation guide apps).

Pocket Yoga: ****/ $2.99 – This yoga is the numero uno for paid health and fitness apps. I’m not sure what that says about it other than people want “the best.” The actual user ratings don’t seem to stack up to the claim of 4 stars, but the app looks great on paper. It boasts detailed voice instructions, custom music, an actual flow designed by experienced instructors, and beautiful imagery. General criticisms say that there are better apps for the moola.

Yoga Stretch: ***.5/$.99 – In an effort to keep this somewhat brief, and not too repetitive, most of these apps offer much of the same thing. Let’s keep to major points: highly downloaded and reviewed, problems with crashing, mixed reviews, possibly short on poses.

Yoga Trainer Pro: **.5/ $1.99 – highlights/downfalls: 2/3 of reviewers were disappointed, includes Sanskrit names of poses, inconsistent audio.

101 Yoga Poses: ***/FREE – highlights: Um, hello. It’s free. Great for beginners. downfalls: No audio instructions.

Yoga Easy: **.5/FREE – highlights: Duh. critiques: Not nearly as beginner friendly as the name would suggest.

Yoga at Home: Learn Beginner Yoga: **.5/FREE – highlights: Apparently better for beginners than the Easy Yoga because of tutorials.

Yoga: **/FREE: – highlights: In french. pitfalls: In french.

Pret-a-Yoga Lite: **.5/FREE – highlights: Nuevamente gratis. drawbacks: Some think it moves too quickly.

Authentic Yoga: ****/$3.99- highlights: Celebrity yoga! Lead by Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles. Easily customizable. complaints: Crashes!

IPump Yoga: ***/$1.99- highlights: Multiple levels, created by PumpOne.

Yoga Journal Ipractice: ***/ $2.99 – highlights: Trusted name of Yoga Journal, 15 unique classes. low lights: Instructor’s voice is that of an intolerable valley girl and begs revision!

Yoga Relax: ***.5/$.99- highlights: Almost free. Gentle. Morning or night audio. complaints: Bad voice over work and choppy audio.

Yoga Trainer Lite: ***/ FREE- highlights: Costs you zilch. caution: Bad reviews.

Yoga Instructor: ***/ $3.99- highlights: Customizable length of poses, good in general. critiques: On the pricey side, no music.

Hot Body Yoga: ***.5/ $1.99- highlights: Attached to Women’s Health magazine, custom levels, simple routines.

Yoga Deck: ***.5/ $.99- highlights: A good reference, 70 Asanas, good searchability, learn sanskrit pronunciations.

I know that these reviews are not fully fleshed out, but what can you expect since my reviews are summaries of reviews? Basically it would seem like most of them have draw backs, but the ones with less obvious snaffoos are the ones that are your safest bet. Also, you don’t stand to lose too much on one that is free. I was pretty shocked by the people who were whining about the free ones. Just delete it if you don’t like it, you ninny. I’m going to be downloading all of the free ones, fo’ sho’. Possibly even the Yoga Deck, and Authentic Yoga or Yoga Instructor.

Hopefully, these apps will bring me up in the world, both of Yoga and the iphone.

[Image via: AppCraver]

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