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Sex, Yoga and Rock & Roll

March 30, 2010

Chloe Sevigny is a great many things but I had never pegged her for our newest yoga spokesperson. Don’t get me wrong, yoga is totally and absolutely en vogue right now but Chloe just seems too much like one of the cool kids to get all into gushing about yoga.


Unless, of course, she incorporates one of the classic cool kid aspects when she’s discussing her beloved new yoga practice. That’s right, SEX.

No one knows quite as well as the Dharma Chameleon how much sex drives the human condition.  Every time I post the word naked the blog gets record traffic. I can’t wait what happens when I make a tag out of the word “sex.”

But I digress…

Chloe Sevigny is reportedly crediting her new tri-weekly yoga practice with giving her a libidinous booster shot. I wish I could say that I can corroborate this story by highlighting all of the details of the robust sex life I have had since I began to practice yoga full time, but alas, I cannot.

Here’s what I am good for however, linking yoga to things: In my own personal practice, particularly bikram yoga they would claim that Eagle Pose (garudasana) would increase sexual vitality. I believe that it is based upon the belief that restricting the flow of blood to the genitals by clamping the femoral arteries, and then flushing the blood through will revitalize the old twig and berries and love muffins. I wanted to see if there was any more that the internets had to say on this topic and this article was pretty much all I could find. It pretty much is all  the “sex diet” but it does mention that butterfly pose (badhakonasana) was pretty good for sex. This is probably because it stretches the hips and um, keeps you wide open? To possibility?

In anycase, good luck to Chloe in her yoga…and her sex life. And, well, good luck to me. In those two general areas as well.

[Image via: Television Blog]
[Story via:  Tonight]

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