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There is a run in my proverbial hose.

March 25, 2010

Since everything inevitably (for me, anyway) all connects back to yoga, naturally when I started feeling like I was losing my grip on reality I turned to yoga. The regular methods just didn’t seem to cut it. I tried to go to my regular classes, and approach my practice with the usual zeal but I just couldn’t muster it and it seemed that my practice was being edged out of my life. Clearly, this did not help me feel more sane.

So, I’m thinking “what gives?” Am I just falling into the most drastic hormonal imbalance of my life?

While I still haven’t ruled out major PMS as a possible culprit for my seeming mental slippage, I am feeling more and more like the two events exist independently. The first day of spring officially was on Sunday, and I’m wondering if, not unlike allergies, crazy comes and goes with the arrival of the crocus.

During the early stages of my dance in the yoga ballroom of NYC, I fell in with the folks at Ishta Yoga — and for a good period of time too, because their beginner special was the bee’s knees (what does that even mean?) Being steadily exposed to the tenets of the their practice resulted in a growing interest in ayurveda, which resulted in a few blog post and then not too much else. I concluded that I was a pitta dosha and that living an ayurvedic lifestyle seemed like an interesting challenge, but one that proved all too complicated and unforgiving of the  life of a 25 year old lady living in NYC.

That said, I more or less abandoned Ayurveda until, well, tonight. Ayurveda, in general is all about balance. Everyone knows that the changing of seasons can knock you a bit off kilter. When the winter comes, my roommate requests his “sun light hat” arrive promptly so that he doesn’t hibernate or indulge in a deeply depressing 4 month period of darkness. For me, this year, I seemed to ease into the winter…but there is something about this spring that has filled me with the weirdest energy. Needless to say, I feel out of balance if not just plain wonky.

Again, I think, “hm, Ayurveda is all about balance and I’m OUT of balance…” Well, what have I got to lose? I started my research tonight, and I’ll surely be airing all of the solutions I find.

This is all, of course, contingent upon me not finding out that all of this has been a result of a cycle that has nothing to do with seasons.

[Image via: MDPNY]

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