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Facing the Fascia Floridian Style

March 7, 2010

Another day, another yoga studio here in lovely Naples, Florida. Today I hit the streets, dodging geezers at the unthinkable hour of 8:30 am. Don’t worry, since I wasn’t headed to Perkin’s Pancake house I was in the clear. Turns out early Sunday morning yoga classes can’t really hold a candle to the appeal  of metamucil, church, and Buicks.

But, I was there, I’m always there. Today I dropped by another strip mall yoga oasis known as Bija Yoga. I paused a moment in my car, as it was the only one in the lot, and remembered showing up for a class that was canceled in Delaware. I hoped that wasn’t the case– and it was not, but I was the only one there.  I say hooray to empty yoga classes- I get private instruction for the price of a group class.

I was greeted by the class’s instructor Nadya Simakina, and to my delight and immediate liking, she was 25 years old. Samsies! Of course we hit it off right away discussing the dynamics of being youthful in South West Florida but quickly enough it was time to do the yoga. Y “in” Yoga.  It’s Yin Yoga in Westerner-speak, but according to Nadya it should be pronounced “In” and it is also easier if you have a Russian accent.  She asked me if I had practiced Yin Yoga before, and I told her that I had…but that it had probably been a restorative class since we only did a few poses throughout the entire class. Oops. My mistake. That IS Yin Yoga.

To the unwatchful eye a Yin Yoga class could easily be mistaken for a restorative hatha yoga class (hey, I did that!). Technically, it is no such thing. Yin yoga (like the yin of a yin yang) is the opposite of yang yogas that are more focused on big, active, more easily warmed muscle groups. It focuses on the itty bitty connective tissues that are the guy behind the guy. Finally, I know what fascia is after hearing the term oh-s0-many times.  Fascia, the deeply connective tissue creating an unbroken web throughout the body, is what Yin Yoga focuses on. It is thought to be the oldest and most original form of asana practice. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika lists only 16 poses that are to be held for long periods of time. Voila! Yin Yoga! These pre-yin yoga yin yoga practices were used only to prep the body for long periods of meditation. (Oh, how I wish I had known Yin when I was flirting with meditation at Jivamukti and d.y.i.n.g)

Although I did a little research about the wonders of a Yin Yoga practice, it was not due to any gaps in information left out  by Nadya. Her passion for the practice was made absolutely clear by the flowing information during the hour or so we spent together. It was such a nice class, I regret to say it passed all too soon, signified by an influx of people entering the studio. (They DO do yoga on sunday…after 10 am only.)

On my way out of Bija I had a few thoughts: 1) hey, there’s that guy that was at Om Vibe yesterday. 2) I hope my grandmother is up for some beach-time fun. 3) I really need a pedicure. Badly. 4) Can’t wait to see what Naples’ yoga scene serves up next!

[Image via: Tazforum]

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  1. March 9, 2010 12:01 pm

    Marla, you are too funny. Tell Grandmom I said hi!

  2. March 21, 2010 12:09 pm

    haha love your humor! Great having you here, Marla. hope to see you again sometime.

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