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Om Sunny Sunny

March 6, 2010

Greetings, gang, from sunny Florida. I would send you all amazing post cards still using 80s graphics of glistening body builders and lovely ladies in high brazilian-cut bikinis, but you’re just going to have to settle for regular old Dharma Chameleon post fun!

Today, I slept in with glorious plans to have a leisurely cup of tea and visit a yoga studio in town, OM Vibe. I mean, I did get to do all of these things, but perhaps not as leisurely as I would have hoped. DAMN YOU, Google maps! How dare you cause me to arrive to class late! Yes, I’m blaming you, but don’t worry, I still love you.

Om Vibe, like much of everything in this town, is located in a shopping center/outdoor shopping mall. But, as those things go, Om Vibe is pretty peacefully located on the upper floor. I was drawn in by the offer of a standard vinyasa flow class, OM Flow, but upon researching, I see that OM Vibe offers so much more than your regular smattering of basics and vinyasa. Perhaps that’s why in this very non-yoga heavy seeming town it had a packed class this morning.

Aside from your standard things, Om Vibe offers a diverse repertoire including  Kundaflow. I have no idea what this is, but I have to say it’s captured my attention. Outside of yoga specifically, they also offer Tai Chi, Qi Gong as well as massage, and all sorts of great healing. I’m guessing it was either the vibrational healings or the potlucks that were the main draw for the Florida Everblades hockey team (according the website, they call Om Vibe their home studio).

After sloppily parking cock-eyed in the lot below and taking the steps two at a time, I apologized  profusely, paid and was admitted to class. I snapped up my complementary mat (can I say, I LOVE when you don’t have to pay for those) and got down to the business. To describe it as business, however, today seems unfair to our extremely upbeat and easy going teacher– Missy Balsam. Right off the bat she seemed determined to get the class to let their hair down. She led us through the standard flow, but definitely flavored it with a bit of her own seasoning. She seemed to have mastered that cool and relaxed feeling but to have successfully integrated excitement and emotion. I have to say, for  my first (non-Bikram) yoga experience in Naples it was quite nice. There was definitely some vocalization, but surely not enough to make me wig out like the exclusive moaning classes offered at Yoga to the People.

I have to say, I do SO enjoy being a yoga tourist. Wherever you go people are so friendly to you. It’s not like being a tourist in New York, were someone like me steam rolls you on 42nd with little more than a curse under the breath and a side-long glance. It’s more like, “oh, hey! You like yoga, I like yoga…we’re doing yoga! yay!” When you ask questions, people answer them…and often with great relish. “What style of yoga did Missy train with?” Baron Baptiste. “Is this the studio I noticed with Kundalini classes?” Yes, the lady at the front desk and I shared laminations about the pain often associated with kriyas. “Is that Beck that is now making yoga CDs?” Um, no. Beck is a scientologist silly. That was Giresh’s Shiva Machine.

There are, yet, still questions that remain unanswered. I think that Om Vibe was a solid start, but I’m hot on the trail of other resources in sunny Flo-rida for more fun pit stops and answers on this yoga journey.

[Image via: Cartophilia]

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  1. March 8, 2010 2:02 am

    Thank you for your nice review of my studio. But just to clarify, I am the yoga coach for the Florida Everblades and I coach them during the ice hockey season. It is for this reason that OmVibe is their “home studio,” not vibrational healings or potlucks. I put in some serious time and effort to help the team with flexibility, endurance and stress-reduction.

    Thank you.


    Kat Farrell, Owner, OmVibe Yoga Studio, Naples, FL

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