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Dharma does Florida

March 5, 2010

Lo, I have escaped (even if briefly only) the crippling daily drudgery of 9-5. At current, I’m on a plane. Yes, even at this very moment I am in the air…with no internet connection, so you can assume that this post was written and then posted.

Partially, I’m excited to spend some QT with my grandmother (obviously I am going to Florida to visit a grandparent…why else would one go to Naples, Florida?) and partially, I’m elated to check out a yoga scene outside of NYC for a change.

The New York yoga scene is some serious business. You can tell that it’s a flourishing industry if only from reading this blog and knowing that since September I’ve visited 34 studios in New York alone. The air is filled with anticipation—and the room, well, is just filled! Even the smallest and most seemingly obscure studios tend to have a very healthy attendance. Either this yoga thing really is as good as everyone says (wink, wink ) or New York living just requires the kind of release that one can find in a yoga class. Either way, I think it bodes well for anyone looking to open a studio in the 5 boroughs.

Within the short hours ahead, however, I’ll touch down in a land filled to the brim with sunshine, palm trees, alligators, citrus fruit and geriatrics. “Is there a place for yoga in Naples, Florida?” Well, there are quite a few actually. I’m thinking this time around you will find  the likes of me very possibly at one or all of the following locations: Bija, Bala, Om Vibe and Joyful Yoga. Last year around this time I tried out the Bikram Naples studio and got my ass handed to me fo’ reals. It’s hard to do things like Bikram yoga on a vacation. It’s so, well, unpleasant at times. And so hot. Extra heat is definitely unnecessary in Florida, so you can surely imagine why I was such a failure. Ok, fine, so no one else was dying on the floor but me. FINE.

That was last year. This year I’m not doing the Bikram so much anymore. This traveler’s edition of Dharma Chameleon is going to be exploring the other yogic offerings of Naples, between playing pinochle and eating pudding at a Howard Johnsons.

[Image via: Bum Paddler]

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