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Totally, Excellent

March 3, 2010

As a weak and desperate attempt to convince you that I’m still in it to win it, I’m updating the conquest list!

Remember this?

1. Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron

2. Bikram Yoga NYC Midtown

3. Bikram Yoga NYC UES

4. Bikram Yoga NYC UWS

5. Bikram Yoga Williamsburg

6. Bikram Yoga South Slope

7. Citi Fitness (the only gym)

8. Empowered Yoga (Delaware)

9. Tulah Yoga (Delaware)

10. Park Slope Yoga Center (Brooklyn)

11. Devi (Brooklyn)

12. Jaya Wellness (Brooklyn)

13. Dharma Mittra

14. Ishta

15. Om

16. Shala Yoga House

17. Yoga Effects

18. Yoga Works Downtown

19. Yoga Works Soho

20. Sankalpah

21. Universal Force

22. Kundalini

23. Jivamukti

24. Yoga to the People

25. Integral Yoga

26. Yoga Sutra

27. Area Yoga Brooklyn

28. Easeful Body Yoga

29. Sivananda Yoga Center

30. Om factory

31. Three Jewels

32. Ramakrishnanda Temple

33. Yogasana

34. Bend and Bloom

35. Bodibalance – 3hr Yoga with Steven Cheng

36. Exhale Mind Body

I’m up to 36! and still going! I’m bolding the the new ones that I LOVE.

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