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One angry letter…

February 9, 2010

Prompted by my father’s concerned voice message on Saturday, I was inspired to look into this Rolling Stone article. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so cheap, because without buying the  actual magazine it was pretty hard to actually obtain the text.

Being the perpetual penny pincher though, my turning to the internet yielded otherwise interesting results. Dahn yoga is whining about the Rolling Stone reporter’s bais!

An official letter was posted on Dahn Yoga’s site in response to the February 5th publication of a very unflattering portraiture of Dahn Yoga as told through the lens of the people set out to sue them in a class action suit centered around brainwashing. Seriously, where is my angry letter? Truthfully, I’m a little insulted that Rolling Stone got one and I didn’t. Even the Dahn letter says all their doing is rehashing the plaintiff’s side of the story…I mean, at least I likened/linked them to The Church of Scientology. Now, that is creativity my friends, and surely deserving of a strongly worded letter.

The Dahn people are all up in arms this time in a way that is so much, well, angrier than when that janky cable news station in Chicago ran the original story. It does seem that Rolling Stone will take this whole sticky mess to a new level of ugly by making it more public than it even was before. I’m unsure however, if they’re insulted or grateful that it is Rolling Stone who will most likely be the recipient of the legal actions that Dahn Yoga is going to (struggle) bring against them. Again, I’m terribly insulted, but at this point Dharma Chameleon is grateful to not be sued for libel, or slander or anything else. But, seriously, I’d love to have that angry letter. I did break this story before Rolling Stone did.

On another note, now that Rolling Stone is stirring the pot of this whole Ilchi Lee guru-cum-sex offender-cum-brainwasher  issue my interest in taking a class is renewed. I really hope that they don’t go down hard because of this Rolling Stone nonsense,  or I’ll feel very put out by my inability to test the waters of absolute brainwashing delight! Those colorful illustrations of active brain waves are just so,well, happy!

[Original illustrations by Marla; medium: Microsoft Paint]

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  1. Melissa permalink
    February 11, 2010 12:06 am

    I almost hate to admit this, but I did Dahn Yoga up in Boston for a few months last year. In my defense, it was literally 60 ft from my apartment and I was in serious need of stress relief at the time (and pretty much knew nothing about the different types of yoga either). I have to say that the actual act of doing the dahn yoga was pretty relaxing, even with all the bouncing and chest pounding. I did eventually stop going though, because it does start to feel like a cult they’re trying to convince you to join if you spend too much time there. Anyway, you should take a class just for the hell of it. I bet you’d get a real kick out of it.

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