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Another missed opportunity…sigh.

February 2, 2010

At this very moment, my hands are experiencing a rare moment of smooth dryness. It’s really quite nice, and unpredictable in a world where my hands are usually experiencing some degree of moistness.

Gross? Yes. Embarrassing? All my life. Trust circles, and partnered activities are never joyous occasions for th kids with the sweaty palms. It’s not our faults!

Guess what happens to the kids with the sweaty palms? Well, they grow up to be adults with sweaty palms, who don’t like to shake hands on job interviews.  Also, they’re the adults that become extraordinarily frustrated during the many downward dogs that happen in the course of a yoga class.

Even you smug crispy-handed people know what I’m talking about. You’re having a great class, but it’s getting a little strenuous and all of the sudden you start to perspire ever so slightly. Then there is a small slickness in the center of your palms. All of the sudden you’re careening downward out of dog as little puddles form beneath your hands. Try as you might, you cannot claw your way stationary. Perhaps this is not exactly you’re experience, but you get the picture.

It has been discussed in my circle of friends that there must be an invention for prevention. I had thought of making the prototype myself, being the accomplished seamstress that I pretend to be. In this day of internet information saturation, however, one can hardly move to make a patent without a little web-based research.

Shit. These non-slip yoga gloves already exist.  In fact, almost every yoga outfitter has its own version already. Well, I guess saving the world from a collapsing downward dog will not be my claim to fame. Sad.

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