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Everything celebs say is true!

February 1, 2010

Thank god Tom Brady, that handsome stud, knocked up Giselle Bundchen or else we would never have gotten to take this gigantic leap towards enlightenment.

Now, I know that Giselle Bundchen having a baby is old news, but a) I don’t care, and b) I just found this interesting article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Granted, this is not a piece of exemplary journalism, but it does provide a few interesting enough tidbits to gain re-covering by the ever sleuthing Dharma Chameleon.

According to this news masterpiece, Giselle Bundchen introduced her lil guy into the world via bathtub.  I guess that’s fine, I came into the world via conical head-suctioning-vacuum-machine that I’m pretty sure was outlawed after the 80’s. I mean, it just sounds unpleasant. The tub-birth, however, is not in the least bit interesting to me. It’s the part where she says birth was not AT ALL painful. Giz, what drugs are you smoking my friend? I’m single and have nightmares about childbirth. But, you know, if a celebrity says it, it must be true.

So, assuming that we will laud all celebrity drivel as the gospel and that “birth didn’t hurt a bit, ” we can at least assume that birth hurts some people. (Recall any movie scene of any person ever giving birth) Why then, did Giz get off so easily?


Well, assuming I’m not heading down the long lonely highway (at breakneck speed) to cat-lady-dom, then I should be all set on the “painless birth” front. Three classes a day, here I come.

[Image via: Weblo]

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