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Somewhere in Midtown…

January 25, 2010

Please, don’t be mislead by my friend Mr. Yuck, or by the word Midtown for that matter.

There, truly, was nothing yucky about my experience this evening at Yoga Sutra in *gasp* midtown.  I mean, that is unless you are not a friend of sweating…because lets just face it, I need only think about doing any physical activity and the flood gates open. My sweat = yucky, open for interpretation.

Yesterday, during my two fer day, I cornered the teacher at Jaya and question him about his training. He sort of rolled his eyes and told me he had trained with OM originally and that it can get one a job after training..yada, yada, yada…but, he said, a really great training program could be found at Yoga Sutra. Much less could have been said to peak my curiosity about a new studio for me to explore.

So, today I trucked it up 5th to find this new yoga haven ala Kyle from Jaya.  Now I’m as frugal as the next 80 year old, so you know I was pleased to find that the first class at Yoga Sutra is free. Huzzah.  Ok, ok, this is a common enough practice among studios, but I’ve learned that you cannot take it for granted. Great beginner’s specials are also especially nice. I left this evening with a 7 day unlimited (that begins the next time I go, and not tonight, which is nice) for $30.  I look forward to abusing it.

Now, tonight I took an intermediate/advanced Vinyasa class, but classes in the Ashtanga and Iyengar style are also offered. I think my conversation yesterday about Iyengar methods may actually have lead in part to the discovery of Yoga Sutra. At this point, (pre-abuse  of 7 day unlimited trial) I can’t speak to the Ashtanga or Iyengar classes, but the Vinyasa was quite nice. The instructor of my particular class was Kevin and he had this conversational, “I’m going to slip in a funny when you’re not paying attention” sort of method of leading the class. Pleased, I was.  Also, he (tried) to help me (no help for the hopeless) into my fledgling version of hand stand. (I’m sort of like a flippity floppity wet noodle sort of inverter at this point that does loud and dramatic dismounts into a heap on the floor.) Not that I am a  narcissist (ok, I surrender) but I really like it when teachers pay attention to me.  Among other things, it means that they’re present in the class and they’re probably paying attention to everyone…which is what they’re supposed to be doing while teaching yoga.

Classes, of course, should be the primary draw for a yoga studio, but extras are also nice. YoSut is a spacious, high ceilinged, centrally located space with pleasant decor. They have all of the amenities one might need, which is nice and also not a given with NYC real estate being as tricky as it tends to be. For me, I think it’s the little extras that show they’re paying attention and care about the experience overall — like offering complementary tea — in real ceramic mugs! Someone has to wash those! Probably their work studies! So, I can appreciate that they’ve gone to that trouble just so I could have a cup of tea.

Teaching programs are not exactly “extras” like showers and tea cups per say, but not all studios have them and they certainly are not all created equal. I obviously haven’t done their program but it does seem to be one of the most thorough philosophically speaking. I’m just saying, there were a lot of “Dr.” titles in front of  the names of people involved with their teacher training.

Well, clearly I’m sold. If not for longer, then at least for 7 unlimited days.

[Image via: Live Green Twin Cities]

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