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Two yogas, one day.

January 24, 2010

It is 2:00 pm on Sunday and I’ve just returned from yoga 1. (Again, thank you my dearest Yoga Pass Book) It’s a pretty grey day out there, so I can’t really think of anything I’d rather do than build myself into a yogic hermitage.

Having already exhausted all of the Park Slope yoga passes, I ventured out to the not so far destination of Cobble Hill (I think, who really knows where one naib begins and another ends??).  There a darling studio lies in wait for the yogi with keen eyes for spotting quaint little studios.

Easeful Body Yoga Center is located in probably the best two room studio, sunken living room garden apartment situation I’ve ever seen in my life.  I’m not sure if  I’m alone in my early adolescent mall lock-in fantasies (definition: dreams of being locked in a mall after closing, living in a tent in the outdoorsy store, swimming in the fountains, taking the change and “buying” anything you might possibly want from said mall) but I was sort of having a lock-in fantasy moment at Easeful.  Aside from me wanting to move in, the apartment did impart a feeling of homey-ness and comfort. They had all manner of candles burning and even a little fire burning. Toasty…mmm! (Is that a Quiznos tag?)

The particular class I had elected for my “morning” class was Iyengar with Rachel. I recently realized that although I was very dedicated to reading Iyengar’s texts, specifically Light On Yoga, that I had never actually taken an Iyengar class. True to the Iyengar style from what I understand, Rachel was extremely gentle, compassionate and didactic. I can’t say it enough times but a teacher that really pays attention is an invaluable part of a yogic practice. I’m not sure if it was that thorough Iyengar training style, but Rachel was extremely attentive and constantly was offering examples and amiable corrections.

More appealing than bacon and eggs to me on a Sunday morning, is the yoga. I’m glad that Easeful was able ease me into another day in the life of a yogi. I’ll see you at 6pm sharp Jaya Yoga…get ready.

[Image via: Beloit College]

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