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Cool Kids vs. Nerds, Geeks, Dorks…

January 6, 2010

Some of you may know me fairly well, and some of you may know less of me. So, allow me to explain. I’ve always sort of been a floater myself, with nerdy tendencies. I have definitely never been allowed into the inner sanctum of the cool kids. I just dabble. I’m a dabbler. Sometimes, when they’re not paying attention I’m able to sneak in and they realize that I’m not a total freak of nature.

Yoga studios are very much the same, if not for the paying nature making them only financially selective. There are studios with intense followings, with loyalist students, there’s even a head popular kid. All of the tenets of the practice are equivalent to categorizations like: jocks, preps, student council people.

Tonight at Jivamukti, it all became clear to me.  Jivamukti is totally the cool kid on the block. It is extremely popular, it’s expensive, the founders and gurus are world famous and well respected. Shit, it even has a cafe- and the food is delicious and totally good for you and the earth, I’m sure. This studio unfortunately even comes with mean kids that talk down to (about) other meeker studios.  They even have a sort of creedo that all of the groupies must adhere to or risk exile.  I’ll come back to that.

My cousin is a huge fan of Jivamukti and over a year ago, when she would cut my hair and we’d make a total evening out of it, she dragged me to Jivamukti for a class between the chop and dinner. At the time, I was going steady with Bikram and was having a sweating problem. I was also under dressed for the exponentially cooler studio.  Inversions were definitely in the realm of the unknown, and very confusing and scary. That said, even with Kellianne’s enthusiasm for the practice, my first and only experience there was  a tough sell.

I went back later, and some what habitually, but only for the meditation practice which for a period was great — but I ultimately abandoned that too.  What was the issue? Well, aside from meditation not particularly being well suited for me, it’s the cool kid mind take over aspect that I just can’t get around.  Sharon Gannon and David Life, I’m sure, are a set of wonderful people and yogis but I just can’t get the thought of hypocrisy out of my mind when I think about the animal rights movement and PETA with whom they’re in cahoots. They preach love for all, and yet they are so so angry. I don’t really own any fur, but I do own leather and I just can’t picture myself being thrilled with someone splooging red paint all over my thousands of dollars worth of dead animal. Not. entertained. Also, they’re vegans. No beef with that, but I just love all food equally and I can’t see myself going vegan, let along raw.

So, the cool kids heard that I’m not really buying into their whole — whatever, and now I’m met with general suspicion. They’ll still say hi to me in the halls…they’ll still mention up coming parties (the day of) in passing. But, I’ll never be part of the club.

[Image a trademark of Jivamukti Yoga School]

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