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The Golden Ticket(s)

January 2, 2010

 During the Christmas Vacation I sure did  a lot of watching movies and sitting on my ass, but that is understandable…because what else is one to do in Delaware?

Among the many delightful cinematic adventures I indulged in was Charlie and the Chocolate factory. That gleeful “golden ticket” song where Charlie and his Grandpa Joe prance about the room just sort of struck home for me this holiday season. Why, might you ask? Did I regain the use of my legs, tour a chocolate factory or have a forseeable end to the daily drudgery of cabbage soup and boiled laundry? NO! While I may only be one tier above the poverty of the Bucket family, my golden ticket came in the way of the NYC Yoga Pass Book. Now, I’VE got the golden ticket. Rather, I have 350 golden tickets to studios all over the city!

Yesterday was the day I finally got out of Delaware, and got back to Brooklyn. Not that anything was open or offering any yoga classes anyway, but if there had been I would have had to go through a delicate bargaining situation with the parents for the solitary family vehicle to get there. Back in Brooklyn, I hit the pavement with gusto and g0t ready to inundate my life with yoga.

Much to my joy, some faithful Dharma  Chameleon reader (not my mother, shockingly) purchased for me the NYC Yoga Pass book and it had arrived and was waiting for me in my mailbox. I did not waste any time beginning my use of this amazingly utilitarian gift. Today I had my first experience of using a pass – at Bend & Bloom Yoga in Park Slope. Seriously, it was too cold to go too far. And, as all New Yorkers know: weather + weekened = crappy subway scenario.

Now, I have known about this pass book for longer than I care to admit, because it is just silliness that I’ve only now gotten my hands on one.  I must say that the benefits of this pass book are many. First of all, a class at Bend & Bloom (drop-in) rate is $18. The yoga pass book is $75. If I go 4 times, this book is already worth it. The only draw back of this book is you can only do it once…a lot of these studios will only let you use these coupons as a first time student. So I’d better make it count, and will be happy to share coupons for studios I’ve already been to with those who’ve not had the experience yet. That said: Free week at Bikram Yoga NYC up for grabs – First time students only!

What will tomorrow bring? Well, you can be sure that what ever it is, it comes in the form of a coupon from that lil book of mine.

[Image via: Tara Lazar]

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  1. Moodle permalink
    January 3, 2010 10:40 pm

    Get Naked! Can’t wait to hear about it.

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