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All I want for Christmas

December 20, 2009

 Of course like all good American boys and girls, I’ve got a list a mile long of my Christmas demands wishes.

Unlike most of the children who still believe in Santa and his magical nature, I already  know what I’m getting: a big fat nothing. Ok, maybe that isn’t true. I already got a travel version of Apples to Apples at a yankee swap.

For those of you who are inevitably planning to continually shower me with gifts, I’ve got a suggestion. Hell, this suggestion might even hold some clout for other yogis and yoginis that you hold near and dear.

Since I started practicing I’ve heard the myth of the yoga pass book and only recently did I even look into its fabled existance. Well, folks, it lives!

The American Health and Fitness Alliance offers a few pass books for NYC, one of them being the yoga pass book. This little baby includes not only deals and passes for a great many studios yoga studios in the city, but also pilates and dance.  The list of participants is exhaustive and extremely enticing.

At only $75 I considered getting one for myself…but since you’re all planning on getting me one now I’ll just hold off.

[Image via: Kompaniet]

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