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The “turkasana” brought to you by Delaware

December 2, 2009

This horrifying image is in celebration of Thanksgiving.

Let’s think about things for which we are thankful: penicillin, family, evolution, bagels, friends, food, shelter, transportation narcolepsy, Martha Stewart’s empire, ear plugs, efficient public transportation, job and yoga. Yes, OF COURSE, yoga.

I spent this Thanksgiving holiday with my family in the great state of Delaware. You’re lucky if you can find a pharmacy open on a holiday, let alone yoga…BUT I FOUND IT.

In fact, I did better than just finding an open studio with a class convenient to my holiday drinking schedule.  I found a studio with an open class being taught by my middle school crush! Ha! Beat that. Zach is probably actually the only person I even KNOW from middle school anymore who does yoga and he’s grown in to a fine citizen and yogi. Press on, my yoga brethren.

Yoga-friend perks aside, Empowered Yoga is probably the biggest and most active studio in Wilmington, which  means it is probably also the most successful studio in the state…because all other cities in Delaware are clearly secondary to Wilmington’s blatant greatness. I’ve practiced there on occasion when I was visiting because prior to 4 months ago I was obsessed with Bikram Yoga and Empowered was the closest thing that DE had to offer.

This trip home, I ended up  back at Empowered because Tulaa’s class was at 8:30 and when you’ve spent all night at the local bar trying to show up other girls from high school you’re just never going to make a class that early. When I did finally unearth myself from beneath a mound of blankets I found that the last class of the day at Empowered via Zach was just about to take place.

As I’ve said, I’ve practiced at this studio before and obviously have liked it enough to return. All classes I’ve been to have been reminiscent of Bikram with two major differences: vinyasa series vs. stationary series, blazing inferno-heat death vs. warm weather. Doing a flow series in heat is pretty exhausting, but gratifying. Although Zach is perhaps one of the most physically advanced specimens that I have ever met he was highly conscious that his students were mere mortals and have various pathetic limitations (several beers the night before, tight hips, yada yada…)

Most unfortunately, I must have eaten enough turkey that the tryptophan crippled me for the majority of the weekend and I was unable to return to yoga of any kind. The most famous poses of the weekend include, but are not limited to: turkasana, doublefistasana, tvasana, busasana and savasana.

[Image via: my life as a turkey]

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  1. sandysays1 permalink
    December 2, 2009 11:02 pm

    Gosh, I always wondered what a turkey looked like with the head on. I’m sure glad I don’t have to assinate the bird. It’s eyes have too much sparkle in them. I’m glad I only see the turkey after my humans have cooked it. Are you sure all turkeys look like that?

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