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November 29, 2009

 Unemployment. Yeah.  It’s the new black, and the trend that is so hot right now no one even wants to touch it.

Thankfully, I’ve not been to the unemployment line like so many others in this crazy economic climate, but I could very well be the next…who knows? New York is at what now, 35%? Ok, that’s an exaggeration. But seriously, it sucks out there.

I’m sure many people I know could comment (and have) on the fact that being unemployed leads to stresses untold by the employed folk. If you’re a yoga practitioner, then it’s even worse because you can no longer practice with regularity, and then all of the sudden even your YOGA is a source of stress. That’s messed up.

I think I’ve posted enough about Integral Yoga Institute at this point, but seriously, they have got it going on there. The reason I went to the center in the first place is because I found this “Yoga and Networking for the Unemployed” class. (Unfortunately, I went on the wrong day…oh brother.)

I did, however, make it back under the guise of being one of the many un/der employed people of NYC.  Thank god they didn’t ask for anything legitimate…like documents from the unemployment office. I mean, I wanted to go but I think forgery is maybe going a little far for free yoga…especially since I do have a job.

The class is the baby of a woman named Nalini Kuhnke, yoga teacher, dancer and acupuncturist extraordinaire. She recognized a need for such a class and put it out there. From what I saw of it, it looked well received. From what I experienced of it, it was also well planned to accommodate the obviously widely variant levels of yogis in the room. She didn’t do anything complicated but it was still meditative (and thanks to lots of plank poses) hard and a good work out.

Ok, so that was the yoga part…that is the obvious stuff. Now what I was particularly interested in was how this “networking” was going to go down. Were we going to practice partner based acro-yoga and while spotting our partners be chatting about past and future pursuits? “Hey nice down dog, do you happen to know anyone in the film industry?” Well, after a full hour class, there had been no visible signs of networking. And as soon as class ended, 90% of the people bolted…I’m thinking: so much for networking. There was, however, the earnest offer of tea and chatting put on the table by Nalini and only picked up on by me, and two others. We talked mostly about yoga.  Unfortunately, not too much about work, or lack there of.

job – job = unemployment – $ = sadness + time = stress + yoga = (-)stress x yoga= hope.

[Image via: Long Island Business News]

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