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Fix yourself, Girl

November 16, 2009

cameltoe There is nothing attractive about a lady’s genitals tightly packaged in polymer sports attire. This phenomenon is known throughout the world, most unfortunately as “camel toe” or “moose knuckles.” These two animals roam the earth on a furry,bumpy, knuckle-y hoof. Ladies, keep the hoof on the ground, and out the public eye.

While I’ve always felt this way about the toe I guess it seemed natural enough, albiet unattractive, and so it evoked little more than a shrug from me. This is not true of a few industrious and enterprising women who founded Camelammo and Camelflage.

Both companies have patents pending, and it seems that they’re duking it out because the “technology” seems to be almost exactly the same — and long overdue? states “these panties were  designed to cover your feminine lumps and bumps and be comfortable at the same time” while the ladies at Camelammo  describe their product as “[a] flexible insert constructed of a light, breathable, body and eco-friendly materials that is placed into the lining of your favorite undies to prevent frontal wedgies.” By looking at diagrams, I can see the product on the table is a little rounded triangular piece of fabric that is slipped into your panties. I would try them, but I’ve never experienced toe issues…perhaps they should approach Coco Tea’s (Ice T’s lady) stylist (it is unlikely that she has one).

I might be making it up that  inventors are yoginis, but at the very least they are familiar with the traits of spandex.  Well, how much more could I ever say on this? Ladies, there is a product to avoid putting your goods out there, literally. May Coco Tea and other celebuladies find this product in the near future so that we may find their vag’s obsolete…and may you find cameltoe masking products should your lips desire a little more privacy.

[Image via: Fohn]

[Thanks to Keith for the tip!]

[update via Shannon of  Camelflage:  Camelflage is a full panty product while CamelAmmo is an insert. There you have it ladies, a very distinct difference.]

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  1. Pat permalink
    November 20, 2009 4:43 pm

    Thank you, Marla, for introducing me to Coco and her World.
    I found out she grew up as a tomboy “believe it or not” and that her mother “introduced her to the stage”. Apparently not only is she a “very simple woman” but she also likes simple sentences. My world has been enriched today. Thanks again.

  2. Mary Dillon permalink
    November 30, 2009 4:32 pm

    A Haiku:

    I get camel toe
    Spandex rides up down the street
    My bag hides the sin

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