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October 22, 2009

shalaAfter work today I cleared my lungs and gave a few heartfelt moans and kissed my plans to join a YTTP class goodbye.

Howling out  along side masses of NYU students in a room smelling vaguely of cat pee went out the window today when I found a New York Magazine article featuring a studio near Union Square about which I was previously unaware. I did a google search today, hoping to expand my yogic horizons and found The Shala Yoga House.

Naturally, the intrigue began with the simple fact that I had not heard of this studio right in my own backyard (well, from work…). Although, I’ve recenlty spent way too much money and probably won’t be able to eat this weekend I decided to spend the dough to try a new spot.

The beginners’ blue plate special ala Shala is a $30/ 3 class card or a $100 unlimited monthly. I just finished my 2 for 1 package at OM, and while I definitely enjoyed the classes there I was not thrilled by their beginner package.  ( I still have to hand it to Ishta Yoga for so far having absolutely the best special with the $40 monthly unlimited.) The 3 class package will definitely give me a good taste of what Shala has to offer.  I must say that with this mission of trying to visit every studio in NYC that there won’t be time for too much more than 3 classes anywhere, but in the event that I wanted to become a work-study this place seems to have one of the best deals in town – 2 classes for every hour worked! You could totally work out a very respectable practice with that program.

Ok, so I’m not looking to sign on for any work-slavery again anytime soon, but I do plan on doing all of my classes at Shala. Predominately, I’m interested in sampling their specialty of Mysore Ashtanga. Ashtanga, from everything that I have heard, is a real kick in the ass. I already feel kicked in the ass after an hour and a half of Chaturanga Dandasana, so I guess  I am curious/horrified by the concept of anything scarier.

En fin: the studio was quaint, well decorated and supported  up and coming artists. Most importantly it smelled of Nag Champa, which I feel really sets the tone for a stellar yoga experience.

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