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Re-tox to De-tox; Bikram Turns 10!

October 21, 2009

party%20hatsI have to say that I’m mildly ashamed to not have written up the big Bikram bash of last Thursday, but perhaps the zico-tinis sufficiently addled my brain and successfully disabled my motor functions thus keeping me from this post.

Sometime in October Bikram Yoga NYC turned the big 1-0. The dawning of new decades (or quarter centuries) can be purely terrifying. To celebrate the successes of Bikram in these 10 years past, they planned a gala of well, New York proportions.

I must be upfront, about the fact that with the characteristic nonchalance of an “unlikely yogi,” I did not actually pay the “main event” much mind. They went to great pains (I’m sure) to secure all manner of performers. I’m pretty sure that is why they selected the campy Times Square location too; very thematic and very theatrical.

After passing the freezing reception committee, and checking my coat ( I really can’t undersell the convenience of such a commodity…very hard to drink and hold purses and coats) I went right to where it all goes down, the food and drink area. It was an easy enough location to choose, if not for the obvious reasons, then because everyone worth talking to was clearly operating on the same motivation – consumuption.

On the subject of consumption, the vittles were all good. There were a few banquet style chafing dishes full of what I found later (by force feeding) to be Spanish fare – paella, ceviche, etc.  Additionally there were little stations and waitrons circulating with other goodies. I was at once assaulted with some kind of latke and also something in burrito form. It  was all delicious, and well representative of different ethnic demographics that  commune during a Bikram class in our fair Gotham city.

After dipping into the watering hole one last time, I decided to enjoy some of the entertainment. The space was multi-leveled, and multi-roomed, so it made for something of an adventure. Up a few short staircases I found a band giving the last of its performance…I also found mini pizzas and chilled soup.  Most unfortunately, as I write this I can’t remember the pizza vendor’s name but I remember it was “roman style” and had a lot of veggies on it. The soup vendor was “Souperb” and I would link to them, but perhaps I can’t find anything on them because I made up their name. It was good but I’d have been more enchanted by hot soup as it was freezing and raining outside. I understand that the logistics of hot soup at an event like this are just a tough sell; I’m not busting anyone’s chops…just saying.

I had eaten my fill of little pizzas and small shots of cold soups, so I refilled on the ever-flowing zico-tinis and hiked it to the next level which was something of an amphitheater. I must have missed the memo about the show starting (or there even being a show) and the place was already packed out, leaving me to perch on a glossy wooden railing somewhere to the back. The nature of my discomfort, heighten risk of falling to my death and decreased proximity to the bar and food lead me to have an attention span of two performances. I saw two convincing Broadway-esque performances…one being a Joni Mitchell piece that I found mildly strange (as I have memorized most of Joni’s catalogue and she is about as far from Broadway as you can possibly get.) Having nothing to do with the actual performance, but rather the precarious perch on the railing getting uncomfortable, I went back to the bar area. To my delight, I was not the only one who was opting out of the performances.

oxygenDownstairs, after many a zico-tini, there was entertainment enough and shows of a different nature. Oh, and there was also an oxygen bar. Now, I’ve never even seen one of these, but I would have expected something a little more futuristic and creepy. This oddly enough well fit the venue’s 1980’s movie theater/club ambiance. The tanks were hued in various neons, but I suppose that was an indication of an array of “flavors.”  I have to say that the effect of the oxygen was much less pronounced than I would have hoped, but really, oxygen…I breathe it all day long so I’m not sure why I got my hopes up for something spectacular. It did, however, provide a few poignant moments of entertainment, namely the image of a gaggle of young and healthy people who looked like they were on respirators. Very weird.mary sucks

Much to my chagrin, the zico-tinis began to catch up with me around 10:30 and I started to profess my love to people as I’m prone after so many drinks. From the bathroom I called my mother (and yes, I am a grown ass adult) and relayed the stories of disgraceful love mongering…I sort of woke her up so she pretty much feared for the worst in her groggy state and I was able to beg a sponsored cab ride home. 

Shortly before 11pm, I loaded my bag full of free Zicos (minus the alcohol) and raw granola bars and made a mad dash for a cab (we all know that is a true feat in the rain in NYC). I was glad to have celebrated the 10th year of one of the most successful Bikram outfits in the city, even if at the end of the night I was a bit pickled. Thank god it is around, I’ll be needing to sweat out that celebration for the next month.

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