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Yoga, Undressed

October 19, 2009

NAKED-BOYS  At the inception of this beautiful and informative blog, we scoured all surfaces of the interweb to bring all the city’s finest and most interesting yoga practices into our lives.

This search brought all sort of practices to light, in various degrees of severity ranging from excruciating Ashtanga to gentle and slow Kundalini. We also came across some outliers. Specifically in Jennifer’s searches she found Hot  Nude Yoga. Much to our chagrin, this NYC hot naked yoga is only for dudes. Just for hot naked dudes, getting all naked and flexible…and naked, together, in a yoga union. Naked. Naturally, we were intrigued by naked yoga in general, but due to the site’s soft-core porno presentation we were sold.

Obviously, this descrimination was devastating news. How were we to theoretically experience the stripped down joys of yoga in the buff? Clearly this Chelsea  based naked yoga haven for men was not going to permit us to use it as a stop on our yogic journey.

Then, a thunderous epiphany crashed down over me during  my further exploration of yoga on the interwebs. Ok, well, maybe it was less of an epiphany and more of a lucky combination of google searches, but there it was: yoga, naked, for women EXPOSED!  Well, from the website I can’t really tell 100% if this is only for women but I just can’t imagine making a mortifying experience more uncomfortable by adding sexual tension. 

The Phoenix Temple, as it is professionally known is a spiritual center, that seems to encourage people to embrace their natural sexuality and bodies. Their site doesn’t get down and dirty with specifics, but it is clear that there is some sort of mild screening process  that one must go through before they are eligible to attend a program or class at the temple.

That said — I passed. I filled out the form on their website and they emailed me back with the temple’s etiquette and said that I was basically good to go.

Now, the question is. Can I do it? Can I go into this place, strip down to my birthday suit and NOT put something back on before going into the studio? My mind is running wild with questions whose answers have a much increased importance now that I’m considering nudie yoga. For instance — will this yoga be hot, cold, luke warm? If it is cold then all the women in the room will run the risk of razoring their mats to shreds with erect diamond hard nipples. I’m hoping for at least 78 degrees.  Also, there is the question of farts. Generally such a thing is cushioned and buffered by at least one layer of clothing if not two. We’re talking about the serious possibility of hearing bare ass cheeks thwap together as someone breaks wind…and then the  subsequent  intensity of unfiltered flatulence.

I’m a dedicated yogi. I’m also dedicated to this mission of a yogic journey in New  York City. A true chance to experience a new challenge and a path of self exploration has  finally revealed itself to me. I, however, have a hard enough time practicing with out sweat-wicking attire, can I go with none? Can I shed my self conscious skin? I may need a goddess circle to catapult me to the nekked state of confidence and self love required for this experiment. God/ess help us all.

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  1. moodle permalink
    October 20, 2009 12:52 pm

    I am still laughing at the visual of you/naked yoga/farting!

  2. polynesian69 permalink
    October 28, 2009 12:31 am

    In San Francisco, Naked Yoga for Men has a class for Women: Naked Yoga for Women. It is also transgender supportive, meaning, whatever gender you identify as, there is a naked yoga class for you. check out sched and web: This is my practice. On a side note, reading your blog, I don’t know why people are horrified by nudity. I’m equally offended by clothing.

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