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Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka…

October 12, 2009

swimming Today it became quite clear that we’re no longer enjoying the long warm days of summer as chattered my way to the subway. I hate to say it, but I do not think that my dosha is adapting well.

If I could venture a guess (and it is ONLY a guess), the Pitta in me is really fighting with the new Vata Season.

What indicated my dosha’s irreverent revolt? Well, prepare yourself.

Remember pets, Doshas are most definitely tied in to our “movements.” If you’re Vata, ne’er may you make a doody. Pitta? You’ll have nice solid BMs. Should you fit into the characterizations of a Kapha, it seems likely that you might find yourself visiting the bowl  frequently and finding your performance a little less than solid.

I won’t get into details, but my intestines are showing a bit of imbalance. I’ve been really trying to keep up with the Ayurvedic diet but life tends to get in the way. On the weekends, I need to have a glass of wine as damage control and my eating  schedule is even less predictable than during the week. I’m definitely unsure of where sweet potato gnocchi drowning in browned sage butter fall, with the exception of happily in my stomach.

I can’t avoid sharing, I suppose, that I am fearing a turn to Kapha. According to Ayurvedic practices, while you may be one Dosha or a mix of a few, you need to balance which ever little sucker is getting out of line. So, it would make sense that I chuck the chia and start putting cayenne on EVERYTHING. Sweet. I can eat Thai again, and Mexican.

Looking for other ways to balance in this new Vata season? Well, you guessed it. Strip down to your skivvies and get wet! Naked is of course optional, but for Autumn, swimming comes highly recommended. If you need to get blasted to get naked, then you better keep your birthday suit to yourself, because booze is on a ban for the season  (you’ll be nice and pure for the real drinking season-holiday gatherings with colleagues, and/or family). I’m guessing our miniscule readership is mid-atlantic based, so I hope that you’re swimming indoors in a heated pool or in a wet suit.

If swimming’s not your thing, try basking in the moonlight.  If the moonlight’s not doing it for you and/or you are a werewolf, at least make sure you’re doing your laundry — and wearing light clean clothing. Do not stink. It is against the rules. Oh, and while we’re on violations: direct sunlight, sleeping all day and walking in dew are not allowed. Ah, not only does dew threaten the integrity of your new fall fashioned suede stilettos, but also your well being.

Damn, this Ayurvedic stuff is demanding.

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