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Third time’s a charm

October 7, 2009

New-York-HomeIn order to not seem like a cantankerous old lady, I owe it to YTTP to let the internets in on what a joyous place it is to practice yoga.

My strategy today was something to the effect of “if you can’t beat ’em, join em.” Yesterday at the closing of my practice I relentlessly quizzed the instructor about the moan-factor at YTTP. He was very matter of fact about the  place “moaning” had in the practice at their studio. I was mildly horrified. The last time I heard vocalizations in a yoga class I shot the teacher so many dirty glares every time she failed to silence the culprit that I was pretty sure she was going to crack under pressure and physically eject that bastard from class. I also looked at the girl next to me and said, “What the fuck!?”

VERY yoga of me.

I went in prepped for battle today. My lungs were well filled and ready to emit some of the most uncomfortable sounds ever made in public. Thank god I’ve never had any problems with publicly embarrassing myself. Unfortunately, this particular release did not come easily. I’ve spent far too much time mastering ujjayi breathing apparently…but by mid class I was really letting it wail with the best of them. It’s amazing how much things don’t bother you if you’re just as offensive as everyone else.

Learning to let loose has been a definite part of my first couple experiences at YTTP. It’s important, I think , that not everyone take their yoga so seriously. It is a bit counter intuitive to be so hard assed about a practice that is supposed to relax you.

So, I’m joinging the ranks. Put on the Beatles, Beach Boys and Beyonce. Turn up the heat, roll out the mat and roar out in pleasure, or anguish or whatever. Maybe even fart. Just make sure that you’re not anywhere near me when you do that because I’m not quite sure I’ve become that tolerant.

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  1. Mom permalink
    October 8, 2009 8:27 pm

    I’ve been reading regularly. You seem to be very busy experiencing new yoga experiences.
    I’m especially intrigued by your latest venture into the very verbal practice of moaning, but more so, farting! My pilates teacher always excuses anyone from letting “one rip” as she says,
    “That means everything is working as it should!’ Enjoy! And, keep letting it out…..whether from the top end, or bottom.

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