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YTTP: A Reprise

October 6, 2009

sonicboom I must give a precursory warning to those who are reading this post: I have had, now, two good experiences at Yoga to the People and have very much enjoyed myself. That said…

This time when I arrived at YTTP there were not people waiting inside the studio for class, but out in the street in mass. Snaking up the stairs in an organized and patient line was a little  bit unnerving for me, because it was hot and there were no open doors so it felt a bit claustrophobic.

I discovered, today, that there are not just two studios, but apparently three — each relegated to its own floor. I’m pretty sure they were recently not-so-converted from apartments. The third floor studios is sort of my dream studio apartment with giant windows, inset planter boxes insidethe building and a very sumptuous large hand carved counter top. I easily discovered that there was a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom but it was covered by one of those stupid hippie blankets, so thankfully I demured away from a pre-class soak and instead just used the loo.

After disengaging  from the spa bathroom, I found my spot on the floor next to two dudes and discussed how the room smelled of cat pee. I used this as an opener to ask their ages, since I was curious if I was the only over 25 year old in there. Not so! They were real people. I was pleased, and retract my earlier assumption that YTTP is just for roving NYU students.

Asana practice seems to, as a tradition, begin with a child’s pose and go on from there. During this pose, the teacher began his monologue and lo and behold – the explanation for all the moaning. He had said if it feels better to make some sound during your exhale then go right on ahead. I understand sighs, and yawns…now even a bit of grunting here and there but even last class paled in comparison to this evening’s experience. I was flanked by moaners, and they were doing some serious business too. I could have sworn I was in an islamic mourning ceremony or witnessing people crossing the River Styx. I looked at the girl behind me and her mouth wasn’t even open, which is why her noises were inexplicable as they clearly had nothing to do with the breath. Today’s moans sounded like pure anguish rather than the sexualized moans of yesterday. I sort of miss those, they made me feel funny inside.

Now, another discovery that I made today was that there is apparently no way to escape a bit of core strengthening and/or aerobics at YTTP. This is good, don’t get me wrong but I’m not used to it. The way I usually resist change is to just not change, so right in form with the rest of my life I just refused to to include these parts in my yoga. Ugh, aerobic exercise is just so involved and hard.

Class seemed to pass by quickly enough and I actually had a few hearty belly laughs, notably from: “in chair pose you may feel some feelings…and you’ll be like DAMN, I’m FEELING something” and the instructor’s impression of a happy baby. After assuming the happy baby with legs sprawled wide like a whore with an open house, we took the savasana and I prepared myself for the sonic boom gong.  I worried that it might be particular to certain instructors and that I might not get that joyous ear bleed phenomenon again…but then it came! This time it seemed like the origin was the same as the first gong sound. Upon a bit of post class research I found that this ear destroyer is known as a singing bowl. Craziness, I’ve got a few bowls to my name and all with good purpose each their own but not a one of them can sing.

Oh, what joys will come from tomorrow’s YTTP adventure? I can’t wait to find out!

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  1. Annmarie permalink
    October 6, 2009 11:14 pm

    The last time I was at Yoga to the People, my friend put down her mat and looked up…straight into the hairy balls of the guy in front of her. He was shirtless and took off his boxers to reveal that he had a banana hammock on underneath to catch the sweat. It didnt cover everything. We spent the entire class trying not to choke or breathe too deeply.

    Other than that I love that place.

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