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What’s your Dosha?

September 30, 2009


And what the hell is a Dosha exactly? Well, as I found on my way out of my first Ishta class, a Dosha is an integral part of Ayurveda.

Fortunately, there is a quiz that will help you determine this vital information.

Phenomenal: I am Pitta (hot) and they even gave me scores for my mind and body respectively. Here is the breakdown: Body- Vata (4), Pitta (6), Kapha (2);  Mind – Vata (2), Pitta (6), Kapha (4).

Doshas are the three subtle energies that can help to balance health, and according to the tradition of Ayurveda each of us are made up of a combination of characteristics from the three Doshas. The three main Doshas, as illustrated above, are comprised of space, air, earth, fire and water.

Vatha- air and space

Pitta- mostly fire, some water (like I said, I’m scorching.)

Kapha- mostly water, with some earth

I just read that Kaphas have “large, soft stools” and “blue eyes” and that Vatas have “thin gums.” I would say that Pittas have the best thing going, balanced…but it says they’re of fair complexions, but since that doesn’t fit I’m going to have to guess that I’m some sort of rogue combination. Sigh. I can’t wait to continue unraveling this mystery of Doshas and Ayurveda.

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